Once installed, Elpy will automatically provide code completion, syntax error highlighting and function signature (in the modeline) for python files.

Useful keybindings

Elpy has quite a lot of keybindings, but the following ones should be enough to get you started:

C-c C-c (elpy-shell-send-region-or-buffer)

Evaluate the current script (or region if something is selected) in an interactive python shell. The python shell is automatically displayed aside of your script.

C-RET (elpy-shell-send-statement-and-step)

Evaluate the current statement (current line plus the following nested lines). Useful for evaluating a function or class definition or a for loop.

C-c C-z (elpy-shell-switch-to-shell)

Switch between your script and the interactive shell.

C-c C-d (elpy-doc)

Display documentation for the thing under cursor (function or module). The documentation will pop in a different buffer, that can be closed with q.

Go further

Elpy offers a lot of features, including code navigation, debugging, testing, profiling and support for virtual environments. Feel free to explore the documentation, everything is there !